Pain and joy are - like light and darkness - two sides of the same medal. They are interdependent and inseparably connected to each other. When painting a picture or taking a photograph, if there is no light and no darkness, there is no picture and there is no painting. It is the very contrast of light and darkness that brings out the beauty and the colour.

- Karmapa

We are all visitors to this time and place. We are just passing through. Our purpose here is to observe, to learn, to grow, to love and then we return home.

- Aboriginal Proverb

photo by Gábor Fényes

The definition of art from the point of view of meditatve experience is to be able to to see the uniqueness of everyday experience.
- Chögyam Trungpa

A beautiful object has no intrinsic quality that is good for the mind, nor an ugly object any intrinsic power to harm it. Beautiful and ugly are just projections of the mind. The ability to cause happiness or suffering is not a property of the outer object itself. For example, the sight of a particular individual can cause happiness to one person and suffering to another. It is the mind that attributes such qualities to the perceived object.
- Dilgo Khyentse Rinpoche

When I was a child after a Sunday family lunch at my grandparents, sometimes i would pretend that i had fallen asleep. While everyone was having the family fun, i was just listening to voices of a distant conversation, which i could maybe understand only if i paid attention to the meaning and details, but i was more interested in, even mesmerised by the sound itself, how it travels through space, mixing on the way to other sounds, like a pigeon's cooing, a laugh of one of my cousins, a door snap, someone is washing hands. All these sounds fusion together in a unique, unrepeatable experience in that particular moment. I found that fascinating. I wanted to extend that to my seeing too, so opened my eyes, and started to look in this gentle way, not commenting on the meaning, just enjoying whatever i see. It became a kind of meditation form ever since, loved it so much that i had carried with me throughout many years up until now. So whenever i hear a pigeon cooing, i automatically fall into this state of mind.

I was born in 1974. I was interested in photography as a child.  After a long pause in 2007 I bought my first bridge camera, in 2009 my first DSLR. Ever since i am studying autodidactic. Photography is a huge passion to me. Right now, I am trying to step to a next level, thinking in projects. I am also interested more and more in analog photography, I bought a Toyo 4x5 field large format camera, and would like to build a darkroom and enlarge silver-gelatine prints. 

Photographs by Zsoló, Zsolt Kóté

Based in Hungary

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When you realize there is nothing lacking,
the whole world belongs to you. 
― Lao Tzu

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